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For The Year of Reading Deliriously

For The Year of Reading Deliriously To read is my true sabbatical proposal. I saw the writing table that I will occupy for said purpose as soon as I can arrange delivery. I picked up a six-ounce coffee mug with turquoise interior at Goodwill yesterday evening and am angling for a framed cork board for […]

For Those Days When…

It’s always good to be reminded what someone in your corner thinks of you. So I’ve saved a recent classroom observation to use as a catalyst for reflection when rethinking how I want to teach when I return from sabbatical.  

Composition 102 Storified

Composition 102 Storified A tool one might use to present sabbatical findings

Three Cheers for Slackers!

At the end of a day when my body is fighting for swift recovery from the one-two punch of allergies and stomach flu, and spirits flagging, I do the thing I do (upload student ePortfolios to storify) in order to delay the thing I need to do (study for my ASL quiz tomorrow). The bid […]

Prepared & Relaxed

In a word, my work is finished. Today, members of a student team were confident and competent in the presentation of themes of literature, poetry explication and literary criticism. They deftly integrated an ‘unrelated’ writing topic selected by today’s upstander on the impact of media on raising children with their course objective related to deepening […]