Three Cheers for Slackers!

SpringPopcornAt the end of a day when my body is fighting for swift recovery from the one-two punch of allergies and stomach flu, and spirits flagging, I do the thing I do (upload student ePortfolios to storify) in order to delay the thing I need to do (study for my ASL quiz tomorrow). The bid for procrastination pays in spades. I’d seen a note about Digital Writing & Research Labs that led me to storify earlier in the day. I figure using storify could be a good way to report on sabbatical. Turns out it might be the perfect way to wrestle my own teaching stories into submission since each ePortfolio that opens before me reminds me of something I had a hand in teaching or learning with that student. A humbling parade of memories ensue. What if I took the time to write about what it was like to see one student who had to work overtime to keep up in a language nothing like his own transform before our eyes during the team presentation? What if wrote about the battles lost & confusions remaining? What if we simply continue to let our hearts be broken and mended over and over again. What pattern would be revealed amid the scars…


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