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I should pay more attention to my blogs. The other day I earned a badge for having accumulated ten followers on another of them. It feels strange. The notification was sitting there this evening (as it no doubt has been since the 28th when the 10th person decided to “follow”) and until this moment I […]

Three Courses and Counting

That’s what stands between me and sabbatical – three summer courses, possibly fewer, depending on which ones fill or rather fail to do so. NSHE has decided to pay only those instructors whose classes have 17 students or more enrolled by May 10th according to the regular monthly schedule. The rest of us (read EVERYONE) […]

Academic & Life Success

It sometimes happens that one gets to witness the unleashing of initiative in a student. Sometimes, just sometimes, we can serve as catalysts. This was the case in ALS 101 this semester. I will allow the student’s ePortfolio to speak for itself. Click on the link to see what taking it beyond the next level […]

About Love of Mankind

      About Love of Mankind.

Not Statistically Significant, Yet…

The fact that nine of the remaining 17 students in this Migrant Literature class attended an optional class on the last day of the semester and all presented their final portfolios may not be statistically significant but it is saying something. Here are links to what they had to say for themselves. Their Legacies in […]