Three Courses and Counting

That’s what stands between me and sabbatical – three summer courses, possibly fewer, depending on which ones fill or rather fail to do so. NSHE has decided to pay only those instructors whose classes have 17 students or more enrolled by May 10th according to the regular monthly schedule. The rest of us (read EVERYONE) will have to make due until August. Hogwash. What’s wrong with this plan? Nothing for those collecting interest on the pennies they withhold from those of us still shackled to the last plantation. Plenty if your budget only works with a regular income. See, final grades aren’t posted before the 22nd. That’s when students know if they can take the next level of courses. And, while we succeeded in graduating the largest class in CSN’s history last night, that sterling achievement does little to boost new enrollments.

But I digress. The point of this blog post was to say how thrilled I am to be this close to freedom. In celebration thereof I have pressed on a fake French mani declaring my fingers useless for anything remotely related to typing or work related to teaching, word processing or communicating. In addition, I have stayed up well past my bedtime and begun reading everything and anything that tickles my fancy. For starters, I have finished the sample I downloaded from The Woman Upstairs. I have begun My Haley’s work on the Civil War spy, Mary Louvestre which I downloaded AND purchased a copy of at the Frederick Douglass Lecture Series last month, and signed up for the weekly newsletter from a blogger hellbent on using his year off to finish a B.A. via MOOCs. If it gets any sweeter, they’ll have to pry me loose!


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