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Day 3

Breakfast: Berry pineapple banana smoothie with ginger & garlic Snacks: Braeburn apple & peach Dinner: Brown rice with pinto beans and avocado Advertisements

Procrastination as Preparation

Turns out all my avoidance was just the sniff test a connoisseur employs before selecting the correct wine pairing. In my case, I was rejecting ideas until the ripe one fell into my lap. You can always tell when it’s the right idea because everything lines up and falls into place. The outline for the […]

And the Winner Is…

I subscribe to more newsletters than I can possibly read. Today, winners from the “How You Can Win a Completely Free Membership in the A-List Blogging Masterclass” contest were announced, so I ventured forth to offer congratulations as the email suggested. My comment seemed like it would have been better placed here and so I paste […]

Considering a Masters in English?

A friend calls excited about the degree program she’s selected and SNHU’s streamlined admissions process. I grow nostalgic for the romantic fantasy I still indulge about education, my own or another’s. I check out faculty bios available at the link she sends and satisfy my cravings by ‘following’ one of their blogs. I am, after all, […]

It Sometimes Happens

Every now and again someone appreciates what you do: Professor Laing Urbina,  Getting 100% on my Portfolio/Legacy felt amazing, however your comments sent me to place full of joy and achievement! Complete encouragement, knowing that you believe my work, it reaffirmed that I am capable of success. Thank you for sharing in this experience with me, […]