Considering a Masters in English?

A friend calls excited about the degree program she’s selected and SNHU’s streamlined admissions process. I grow nostalgic for the romantic fantasy I still indulge about education, my own or another’s. I check out faculty bios available at the link she sends and satisfy my cravings by ‘following’ one of their blogs. I am, after all, still tethered to the current practice of higher education. It is, after all, only the beginning of Week 3 of an eight-week summer session. I have all of five more weeks before sabbatical year begins in earnest. Fortunately, I have several weeks of NYT Book Reviews to anchor my grip on reality. I allow one square of Lindt’s Sea Salt Soiree before returning to reading one of my own class blogs.

When I’ve responded to as many student email as possible, I turn to NYT’s Sunday Magazine. The comfort of the familiar can never be over-estimated. Coupon clipper in hand, I begin extracting favorite quotes, memorable moments and a photo or two for the My New Adventure Book I am keeping with a four-year-old friend in honor of Saturday’s shared viewing of Up. I send a link to the article about eating grain salad in the summer to the same friend who’d called earlier in the day, and refer readers to the article on the Equity Project Charter School.


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