And the Winner Is…

I subscribe to more newsletters than I can possibly read. Today, winners from the “How You Can Win a Completely Free Membership in the A-List Blogging Masterclass” contest were announced, so I ventured forth to offer congratulations as the email suggested. My comment seemed like it would have been better placed here and so I paste it for future reference.

Wonderful proposition, Steve! As an educator I can see the benefits of getting students blogging. It’s the next step in my evolution as an online educator. This summer, literature classes moved beyond our college’s learning management system and into cyberspace. By semester’s end, we will have posted reading journals, creative writing, and legacies out THERE where all eyes can see. I also require private daily writing according to Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages and a weekly check-in about the practice but haven’t yet arrived at the true question with which to frame and connect individual blogs. I’m hoping to pilot the next step on SkillShare. Well, that was more about me than the intended congratulations for you. I look forward to following your progress and possibly ask to interview you for my sabbatical project.


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