Monthly Archives: July 2013

Let the Sabbatical Begin!

Okay, perhaps it’s the sugar that made me do it but tonight, after dinner with “The Prayer Warriors”, I decided to have a little celebration of my own. Since I’d turned in the grades and was now free to enjoy the fruit of my labors, I took myself to McDonald’s, bought a sundae and ate […]


A funny thing happened at the Ron Clark Community Day last week. He said relationships were the key to everything from reaching “at-risk” learners, to partnering with parents for student success, to fundraising, and unleashing and boosting staff morale. Whodathunkit. Turns out, that’s what we’re doing listening to him – a new friend and I. […]

Building Virtual Teams’ Communication Skills

In all of the classes I teach teamwork is required. Usually it’s in the form of a Collaborative Midterm. Students in online classes consistently suggest that the online environment makes it difficult to do team work. Years in both settings have taught me otherwise. When a World Literature student’s Process Paper included the following observation: […]

Day One Camp NaNoWriMo

Nearly one in the afternoon and I haven’t checked in for my cabin assignment yet. I’ve done laundry, my hair, my nails, my husband’s shirt, dishes and a smoothie, and still haven’t checked in. Was it like this the first time I went to camp? I was barely into the double digits when older sis […]