Monthly Archives: August 2013

Daring To Hope Out Loud

I spent time with some wonderful teachers at Valley High School this afternoon. I was invited to share some of what I do to get students writing and ended up putting some of my favorite resources together on a website – In the process of course, I discovered a few new resources. One of […]

To Everything There Is A Season…

Trying to unwind & relax while reflecting on and writing about student writing for a sabbatical project is nothing short of a high-wire act. Reflexes made me attend today’s Teacher Appreciation Day at Office Depot with a colleague who starts back on Monday. Turns out we both won a door prize and they actually had […]

My Testimony

I fill up thinking about the journey. The view from the other side is unspeakable yet I attempt to say here my heart’s desire for each and every life-long learner – you can do this. Each test is only a toll, each challenge can be turned into another rung on the ladder to success. There […]

School Supplies

Back-to-school sales started just after the 4th of July. It’s a bittersweet feeling for me each time I walk past a display of school supplies or see an ad for the next best organizer, white-out or binder. I find myself walking into office supply stores and gazing at sticky notes, sharpies and mechanical pencils even […]