To Everything There Is A Season…

Trying to unwind & relax while reflecting on and writing about student writing for a sabbatical project is nothing short of a high-wire act. Reflexes made me attend today’s Teacher Appreciation Day at Office Depot with a colleague who starts back on Monday. Turns out we both won a door prize and they actually had a toaster for the pre-cut bagels provided!

imageHow does one unplug while remaining connected? I try to steer clear of my College email queue but went looking for a reminder about the upcoming Pearson Redesign Conference and found another email from a treasured friend who reminded me that I put Peter Elbow’s Vernacular Eloquence on my sabbatical reading list. That was definitely worth wading through untold scads of email. I will begin reading it Monday!


***The title of this post is taken from the lyrics of a song by The Byrds.


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