Daring To Hope Out Loud

I spent time with some wonderful teachers at Valley High School this afternoon. I was invited to share some of what I do to get students writing and ended up putting some of my favorite resources together on a website – passingthetest.weebly.com. In the process of course, I discovered a few new resources. One of them is a site dedicated to writing by teen authors. It’s called Figment. I look forward to seeing what members of my classes make of it next fall.

The thing that most encouraged me was the level of hope they bring against the odds to teaching in the gap that is Las Vegas. Where else in America does someone parking cars make more than a teaching veteran? Where else in America do two parents with two jobs apiece find it hard to make ends meet? Where else in America is it just as likely for a student to get breakfast and lunch provided at school and return home to a note to head to the neighbor’s because one or both of their parents have been deported?

imageIf I were a gambling woman I’d bet dollars to donuts that, not only are they already the change they seek in this world, but they will turn their school around. I invite you to join us in daring to hope out loud.

Graphic used via Creative Commons non-commercial  license.


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