Monthly Archives: September 2013

Praise For The Closeted Writer

Writing is as close to a pure art as one can get. The advantage with writing however is that becoming ‘good’ at it means that one develops the ears and eyes of the artist, the curator, the collector and critic almost simultaneously. Teaching, on the other hand, requires extreme salesmanship or politicking, particularly if one […]

Writing Is Thinking On Paper

In Day 37 of The Purpose Driven Life, Pastor Rick Warren writes: You haven’t really thought about [your life lessons] unless you have written them down. Here are the questions he poses to get us started. I added the last one on my own. ¬† What has God taught me from failure? What has God […]

All That Glitters

Sabbatical is not as much fun as I’d hoped. ¬†Everyone expects you to do something enviable. Admittedly, rest is enviable and few professions have sabbaticals but tomorrow is the official start of week two and I’m already at odds for how to relax, what to do and not do. My book project is stalled and […]