Praise For The Closeted Writer

Writing is as close to a pure art as one can get. The advantage with writing however is that becoming ‘good’ at it means that one develops the ears and eyes of the artist, the curator, the collector and critic almost simultaneously. Teaching, on the other hand, requires extreme salesmanship or politicking, particularly if one hasn’t the heart to love words and the crafters of them instinctively. After posting my own 750 words in my web journal, I decided to check out recent ‘Cups of Inspiration” and found this gem summarizing much of why I know no shame when it comes to coaxing, commanding, cajoling and otherwise inveigling everyone within ear or eye-shot to write daily – if not more frequently. The way I look at it, it’s self-interest. The more folks around in their right minds the better I sleep at night and the brighter our communal hopes for a future worth living.

Besides just forging the writing habit in me and thus making me much more capable writer, [] has helped me push myself, it has helped me to achieve the consistency needed to achieve big goals, it has built up my work ethic, and slowly and surely it has made me see that I can do anything at all in the world. Out of small achievements comes the realization that you can do big things. Jarkko 24-year-old Finnish Author


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