Monthly Archives: October 2013

November Means NaNoWriMo

Get ready for sluggish data downloads, java-inspired wordsmiths blocking access to your favorite baristas, and an eerie calm throughout metropolitan areas across the country, because come November 1st, National Novel Writing Month begins in earnest. This year I participated not entirely unfruitfully in the July calesthenics affably named Camp Nanowrimo. I was tilting in the […]

a Teaching Life

So I’m on the internet trying to find out why my favorite devotional app keeps quitting and I come across a blog on surviving the tenure track. Seriously? I think to myself, why would this subject be of value to anyone beyond its author? And then I realize two things. 1) Even people in the […]

Being Like Water

Any day now I will windex my writing table. Cleaning is a sure sign the writing is about to begin. A colleague-friend sends me the following message from The Universe, insisting he got the message intended for me: Ray, no matter what else you might feel or think, it’s working, flawlessly, magically, and without exception. […]

Friday, Again

I’ve met some wonderful bloggers lately and will be getting together with them once they’ve returned from Blogalicious, not only for the book club but as we gear up for Rhachelle’s┬álive “My Scars Chat” and Nanowrimo. I don’t see why I shouldn’t attempt a novel. Perhaps it will force me to finally finish the narrative […]