Friday, Again

I’ve met some wonderful bloggers lately and will be getting together with them once they’ve returned from Blogalicious, not only for the book club but as we gear up for Rhachelle’s live “My Scars Chat” and Nanowrimo. I don’t see why I shouldn’t attempt a novel. Perhaps it will force me to finally finish the narrative and release the collection of Dad’s letters for publication. A girl can hope. One month into sabbatical and the excuses for not getting it done are getting thinner and thinner. Soon, they’ll evaporate before they even form and then, I’ll have to get down to it and WRITE!

Don’t get me wrong, I write a minimum of 750 words per day above and beyond the Morning Pages. It’s just that I have a nagging suspicion that if I write in a direct line, say on one or two of the same subjects, it could add up to something. Rumor has it such things have been known to happen. It could happen to me.


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