Are We There Yet?

It’s a couple days past the Nanowrimo midpoint and the handy little daily word count keeper on My Nanowrimo page informs me that if I keep up my current pace, I’ll reach 50k words by December 10th – precisely 10 days too late to consider myself a ‘winner’. I waste entire days trying to create traction but none of my characters interest me. They only do things I know about – teach, argue, eat vegan. Folks tell you to write about what you know. How insidious. I want to write about things I have no clue about. What I’ve lived seems passé, even if someone else would think getting stranded on a train platform between Paris and Brussels or falling in love amid Greek ruins interesting, those postage stamps were licked long ago. And frankly, I think credibility is over-rated. Okay, perhaps that’s just today’s truth coming from a pit of temporary (hope endures?) despair, but I’m not feeling this novel-in-a-month thing. Nor am I as enamored of a big hairy goal or deadline as Nanowrimo founder Chris Baty seems to be in his book, No Plot? No Problem! He writes:

Nearly every beautiful and useful thing you’ve ever touched or witnessed was born in its mighty forge. It’s portable, affordable and non-polluting. It’s also invisible. What you need to write a novel, of course, is a deadline.

Well, respectfully, I beg to differ. For one thing, the theory of relativity – definitely a thing of beauty – revealed itself to Einstein while he was on a train heading somewhere else entirely! No deadline there, Pal.


On a sidenote, I was moved to share this article, Bullying Is Theft,  after listening to the recording of A Conscious Consortium teleconference I attended yesterday.


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