Adding Up The Cost

I may have mentioned that part of this sabbatical is being used to prepare a collection of letters our father wrote to our mother shortly after my second birthday and nine months before our American Adventure began. Each time I handle this history something else leaps out at me.

In the last section, reflections I added with details of how many letters and items included therein, the fact that she had by the time of these letters been married to our father five years gives me pause. I celebrated my fifth anniversary a few weeks ago. I too, feel the pressure for measurable change, a new beginning or direction. We have no children between us and things are far from settled into a comfortable routine.

I wonder again what would prompt a woman with two young daughters to try her hand at life in a new universe. Much has been written about factors that push and those that pull people in migration. None provide a one-size-fits-all analysis.

What price did she pay for her departure and arrival? What price was passed on to the next generation?

I will continue to wonder which had the most influence on our mother even as I feel my days of wandering coming to a close.



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