On About Writing

Teaching Ideas Worth Sharing

It’s never a matter of whether or not one can or can’t write. It’s a matter of whether one will or won’t revise to serve the idea entrusted to your care and the reader whose time is more precious than the author’s .

I have just about had enough of people expecting brownie points for pooping within the lines! It’s time to put on the big girl panties or the big boy boxers and get to work. Learning is excruciating because it requires fundamental invisible lasting change that undermines our fundamental beliefs about how things work and our place value and relation to them. What you can expect from me is a bandaid and a flashlight. You’ll have to figure out when to use what. Both are limited resources by design.

I am not a great cheerleader. I am better at which-hunting and flaw-finding. If you want your ego stroked that class is down the hall. Paying closer and closer is what we do here. Writing is a contact sport. There will be bruises. Some ideas will make it out of here alive. The rest will be chalked up to missed opportunities.  Fortunately, writing cannot be taught. That’s the good news. The better,  more terrible news is it can be learned. Last tag. You’re it!


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