We Were Created To Create

Created to create. YESSSS! So much more than art…Take a listen to Jon Jorgenson’s video.

I thrive on creativity. I have more creative interests than my basement store room can hold. Creativity has always flowed easily and effortlessly from my soul, to my brain and through my hands. But I realize that is not the case for everyone. Brene’ Brown recently offered a class via Oprah Winfrey’s network encouraging people to let their creative juices flow without fear. I never realized how many people are intimidated by a box of crayons and a blank sheet of paper.

Creativity is not a skill or a gift. It’s not something you learn in art class. Mother/Father God created you to create…to co-create with Her on this planet. You are a vehicle of the Holy Spirit; the arms and legs of God. Creating is not limited to art…you cook, you write, you build things, you grow things, you parent, you nuture, you problem-solve.  You are fashioned in the image of…

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