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Let’s Not Keep The Children Waiting

In honor of the coming semester, the first of May, a week of rain, I watched a documentary about Sir Nicholas Winton, the man who saved more than 600 children from Hitler’s Final Solution. It was truly breathtaking to see the ripple effects of his efforts across the generations. While it’s popular today to talk […]

We Were Created To Create

I thrive on creativity. I have more creative interests than my basement store room can hold. Creativity has always flowed easily and effortlessly from my soul, to my brain and through my hands. But I realize that is not the case for everyone. Brene’ Brown recently offered a class via Oprah Winfrey’s network encouraging people…

Wouldn’t You Like To Know

Brené Brown asks good questions. She also makes a great case for empathy being a lever against shame and a bridge back to ourselves and one another (@Writing4RRR).  If, as she suggests: vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation… And, I’ve spent 20 years teaching and thinking about writing, what keeps me from writing about it? […]


Low five – If it is true that a picture is worth 1,000 words, I offer a photo for the daily prompt – Linger. This is how and where I would and do spend a good deal of my time each day – reading with my best friend by my side.

Never Just Walking the Dog

Half-Pint’s mom had offered a casual comment about another neighbor, Deaf, who lived with her husband, daughter and four dogs in a too small apartment a few buildings away. They are planning to move in the next week. Finally. So you know their whole story. It seemed innocent enough. But she went on, and my […]

And The Oscar Goes To…

Having been raised by Hollywood, I feel a certain sense of protectiveness about the pomp and pageantry of the Oscars. Earned academic regalia notwithstanding, no matter how many critics disembowel the industry (having been one such myself on more than several occasions), I owe Tinsel Town a great debt and would have hosted yet another […]

Writing Responsibly

Though I’m a full eight months’ distance from stepping into a classroom, every now and again a new way to restate the obvious (to me) suggests itself. So, in the Lessing tradition of The Golden Notebook, I share today’s draft of my Day 1 Apology (lecture) intended for Pre-Composition students enrolled in ENG098. God did not […]