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More Praise For Writing Practice

Students in all my classes are required to do one or another form of daily writing practice. Students in Pre-Composition, are asked to write 10 minutes a day and to answer five questions about their writing at the end of each week. The following is one student’s reflection after only two week’s writing practice and […]

This One In Particular

The Legend of the Starfish features a ‘wise’ adult offering counsel to a child with endless enthusiasm. The setting is a beach strewn with starfish. The Young One is walking along the shore, retrieving one  starfish at a time, and tossing it back into the surf. The Elder, relegated perhaps by time and conditioning to […]

Strategies From 20 Years’ Teaching Writing

Being a subscriber to the oxygen mask school of life, I learned very early on that I could burn out very easily if I were the only arbiter of truth, the standard-bearer for ‘good’ writing in each classroom. Gradually and increasingly over time, I learned how to give more and more power of the pen […]

Wouldn’t You Like To Know

Brené Brown asks good questions. She also makes a great case for empathy being a lever against shame and a bridge back to ourselves and one another (@Writing4RRR).  If, as she suggests: vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation… And, I’ve spent 20 years teaching and thinking about writing, what keeps me from writing about it? […]

And The Oscar Goes To…

Having been raised by Hollywood, I feel a certain sense of protectiveness about the pomp and pageantry of the Oscars. Earned academic regalia notwithstanding, no matter how many critics disembowel the industry (having been one such myself on more than several occasions), I owe Tinsel Town a great debt and would have hosted yet another […]

On About Writing

Teaching Ideas Worth Sharing It’s never a matter of whether or not one can or can’t write. It’s a matter of whether one will or won’t revise to serve the idea entrusted to your care and the reader whose time is more precious than the author’s . I have just about had enough of people […]

Writing Responsibly

Though I’m a full eight months’ distance from stepping into a classroom, every now and again a new way to restate the obvious (to me) suggests itself. So, in the Lessing tradition of The Golden Notebook, I share today’s draft of my Day 1 Apology (lecture) intended for Pre-Composition students enrolled in ENG098. God did not […]