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Found Time?

Time is never lost. It’s invested. My question is, was it worth it to spend HOURS on chats & hangouts with techs to get one class up and running when four are starting midnight Monday? I went to bed after 3. Arrived late for my first meeting at 10. Are you having fun yet? Reminds me of […]

Now What?

The sabbatical is over. Classes have begun. Midterm presentations are concluded. (They were fabulous!) Now what? Never fear, higher education is an ever-devouring mistress and I’ve signed on to a project to provide resources for colleagues tasked with the teaching of literature to peoples from Latin America and The Caribbean. The first resource categories that came to […]

Never Just Walking the Dog

Half-Pint’s mom had offered a casual comment about another neighbor, Deaf, who lived with her husband, daughter and four dogs in a too small apartment a few buildings away. They are planning to move in the next week. Finally. So you know their whole story. It seemed innocent enough. But she went on, and my […]

Once an Academic…

Lest anyone think sabbatical is a complete abandonment of academic responsibilities, let the record show that to date, I have written recommendations for two colleagues’ tenure applications and one for a grant proposal to mount a traveling exhibit of photographs of the peoples of Afghanistan. And currently, I am awaiting the start of the Maximum […]

Daring To Hope Out Loud

I spent time with some wonderful teachers at Valley High School this afternoon. I was invited to share some of what I do to get students writing and ended up putting some of my favorite resources together on a website – In the process of course, I discovered a few new resources. One of […]

To Everything There Is A Season…

Trying to unwind & relax while reflecting on and writing about student writing for a sabbatical project is nothing short of a high-wire act. Reflexes made me attend today’s Teacher Appreciation Day at Office Depot with a colleague who starts back on Monday. Turns out we both won a door prize and they actually had […]