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Now What?

The sabbatical is over. Classes have begun. Midterm presentations are concluded. (They were fabulous!) Now what? Never fear, higher education is an ever-devouring mistress and I’ve signed on to a project to provide resources for colleagues tasked with the teaching of literature┬áto peoples from Latin America and The Caribbean. The first resource categories┬áthat came to […]

Strategies From 20 Years’ Teaching Writing

Being a subscriber to the oxygen mask school of life, I learned very early on that I could burn out very easily if I were the only arbiter of truth, the standard-bearer for ‘good’ writing in each classroom. Gradually and increasingly over time, I learned how to give more and more power of the pen […]

Let’s Not Keep The Children Waiting

In honor of the coming semester, the first of May, a week of rain, I watched a documentary about Sir Nicholas Winton, the man who saved more than 600 children from Hitler’s Final Solution. It was truly breathtaking to see the ripple effects of his efforts across the generations. While it’s popular today to talk […]

Never Just Walking the Dog

Half-Pint’s mom had offered a casual comment about another neighbor, Deaf, who lived with her husband, daughter and four dogs in a too small apartment a few buildings away. They are planning to move in the next week. Finally. So you know their whole story. It seemed innocent enough. But she went on, and my […]

And The Oscar Goes To…

Having been raised by Hollywood, I feel a certain sense of protectiveness about the pomp and pageantry of the Oscars. Earned academic regalia notwithstanding, no matter how many critics disembowel the industry (having been one such myself on more than several occasions), I owe Tinsel Town a great debt and would have hosted yet another […]

And The Winner Is….

If you ask Peyton Manning, he’ll tell you outright, there’s no joy in coming in second place. Fortunately, education involves a different kind of contest – one against the self. My parents raised me to compete against myself – to compare today’s performance against yesterday’s and in anticipation of tomorrow’s, and that’s the message I […]

Adding Up The Cost

I may have mentioned that part of this sabbatical is being used to prepare a collection of letters our father wrote to our mother shortly after my second birthday and nine months before our American Adventure began. Each time I handle this history something else leaps out at me. In the last section, reflections I […]