So much of teaching online happens in the margins that I thought I’d like to start thinking in public about it and so am posting the following exchange for distillation purposes. What do you think works well? What do you think could be done differently? Dear Professor, I have tried, and can’t seem to get […]

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Finite Creatures.” By the time I was four and change I’d “lost” my mother, my country, and baby sister. I can’t really say any of these events was a tragedy because until about then, I’d lived in a nursing home where such losses might be considered trifles. After […]

Time is never lost. It’s invested. My question is, was it worth it to spend HOURS on chats & hangouts with techs to get one class up and running when four are starting midnight Monday? I went to bed after 3. Arrived late for my first meeting at 10. Are you having fun yet? Reminds me of […]

Students in all my classes are required to do one or another form of daily writing practice. Students in Pre-Composition, are asked to write 10 minutes a day and to answer five questions about their writing at the end of each week. The following is one student’s reflection after only two week’s writing practice and […]

The sabbatical is over. Classes have begun. Midterm presentations are concluded. (They were fabulous!) Now what? Never fear, higher education is an ever-devouring mistress and I’ve signed on to a project to provide resources for colleagues tasked with the teaching of literature to peoples from Latin America and The Caribbean. The first resource categories that came to […]

The Legend of the Starfish features a ‘wise’ adult offering counsel to a child with endless enthusiasm. The setting is a beach strewn with starfish. The Young One is walking along the shore, retrieving one  starfish at a time, and tossing it back into the surf. The Elder, relegated perhaps by time and conditioning to […]